William H
-Bill H-

“WOW! Just wow! Many years with another 'cable' service in this community and never, never have I had such great customer service. They dispatched a man out and replaced equipment and was gone inside half an hour. Outstanding! Kudos to Skywave!.”

Terri M

“Love Skywave! I’m in Snyder and it’s just perfect! No probs whatsoever! Recommend Skywave to everyone.”

Austin W

“Stellar customer service! They provide great speeds to people no matter where you live in the community and they’re always happy to help if you have any problems.”

Karen S

“Thank you and ‘Kudos’ to everyone. Our experience has been great! Your technician was polite & helpful, and the office staff was great helping with all our questions.”

Joan R

“When we have issues, they make sure we get them corrected asap as our business needs internet.
We have not had storm interruptions for so long I don't know when it last occurred.”

Christine B

“Skywave is awesome. I live in the country between West Point and Oakland. You couldn’t ask for faster internet and great service!!!!!”

Deanna P

“If you can get skywave, get them! I have had for several years and never had a problem.”

Regina P

“Skywave. 10 yrs +. Very reliable,
competitively priced, and awesome service.”

William W

“Go Skywave! Both my kids can stream their games and I can watch Netflix at the same time. Service has been great.”

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