2024 Rural Fiber-Optic Expansion

Responses Due: April 15, 2024

2024 Rural Fiber-Optic Expansion

Responses Due:   April 15, 2024

March 12th, 2024

Dear Future Skywave Customer,

Great news! Skywave is bringing the world’s fastest Internet technology – fiber-optic Internet – to your rural neighborhood.

As part of this fiber-to-the-home project a fiber-optic drop line needs authorization to be installed to your property at <address>, <state> <zip code>. A drop is the installation of the underground fiber line from the access vault near the road to the side of your house. This fiber drop ensures you and future homeowners can access fiber technology if ever desired.

This work is being completed at no cost to you and you don’t need to be home while it’s happening. While there is no requirement to sign-up for any services now or in the future, we are requesting a response whether you do or do not want a drop installed at your property.
Please respond by April 15th, 2024, so we don’t miss your property and can ensure the work is finished, before we leave your area.

Expected Construction Process

Step 1: DESIGN
Skywave acquires public & private permissions and designs the fiber-optic network and routes to provide fiber-to-the-premises in the new fiber neighborhood.

Step 2:  BUILD
The fiber-optic line is installed underground for this new fiber network, as well as to authorized individual properties FREE as part of this new rural fiber build.

Step 3:  TEST
Our technicians access each fiber vault or pedestal to splice the fiber lines and then test the connections to ensure fast, accurate, & symmetrical speeds.

For customers who order Skywave internet and/or phone service, we connect and test the fiber line to your property.

We will call you to schedule in-home installation.

Learn more and confirm your property & contact information via the enclosed form, by visiting skywaveconnect.com/rural-fiber, or scanning the QR code in this letter. Please contact our office at 402-372-1975 with any questions.

The information we are collecting is property address, owner and tenant name, phone number, email. Please provide any other notes you feel are important.

Contact our office for more information on assistance available to help lower the cost of phone or internet services.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ryan Kuester, General Manager

This project is being administered through the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Program, supported in whole or part by the American Rescue Plan Act Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, award number CPFFN0183, a federal award granted to the State of Nebraska by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.